We could not believe our luck when we pulled into Albuquerque and our route took us right along the same path as a beautiful balloon floating in the sky above us. I took pictures while Rick weaved through the traffic on the freeway.

We are not familiar with Albuquerque at all, so we took what we thought would be the exit that would help us to continue on our trek beneath the balloon. Sure enough it did just that.

The closer we got to the balloon, the closer it came to the ground.

We ended up parking our rig and watched as the balloon landed not 50 yards in front of as near a neighborhood.

I jumped out of the rig, still snapping picture after picture while Rick to a chance on introducing himself and asking if the pilots might need a hand wrangling the balloon to the ground.

They most certainly loved the offer and threw him a pair of gloves so he could grab a rope or two without harming his hands.

We spent the next half hour or so with the balloonist. It was an adventure of a lifetime, one we won’t soon forget and one that will continue to add a smile to our faces with the memories.

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