Considering it was mid-February in Eastern Oregon, the 30-minute drive to the theater was pretty good…no snow or ice in sight, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I forgot my ‘driving’ glasses, it would have been just about perfect.

The guy checking our temperatures with his thermomotor camera….odd, but considering the time we are in I guess he’s just there trying to keep us all safe. I mean, the guy wasn’t odd, the whole having to have our temperature taken before being able to go watch a movie…that is odd, and something I will never get used to.

The soda I should not have been drinking at 7 p.m., or ever really, was delicious…the popcorn, even more so, the chocolate candy we got for ‘dessert’…did not disappoint…so good.

Our seats…our seats were good. Even though we had to sit pretty close to the screen…my ‘driving’ glasses are also my ‘movie-watching’ glasses.

And my date?….I could not ask for a more romantic, better-looking, sweetheart of a guy then the one I had sitting next to me all night.

All in all things were shaping up to be a pretty great Valentines Day date.

By now you probably would like it if I would just tell you whether or not to go see the movie for yourself and I haven’t even started talking about it yet. Well…I’m still trying to piece my feelings toward it all together.

I guess it comes down to the fact the movie, which I really love going to movies. They inspire me. Even just sitting in the theater inspires me. One day I want to take all my kids, grandkids and great grandkids to a movie that I create. Well…not create, but I’ll write the book that someone else can create a movie from. I absolutely love going to the movies.

Sooooo….Moonfall… truly had the makings of a good movie, a great movie really, but something about it fell short. I’m still trying to figure it out. I hate to critique someone’s hard work. So much time and effort went into making this movie by so many people. I like the actors. I thought the story line was pretty good. The action was good. I just walked away without that feeling of ‘oh my gosh, that was such a great movie’ feeling, the way I did when I watched American Underdog, or You’ve Got Mail, or the Titanic.

Moonfall is worth seeing, it really is, but it will not end up on my top 10 movie list.


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